Despite of the terrorism, assassinations, dacoits, thievery, snatchings, cyber crime has become a wide spread offense. Every second person is a victim of cyber crime especially female fraternity. Today, I was watching a morning show at ARY and I was shocked to know that day by day it is becoming a serious offense and spreading very rapidly throughout the country like a virus. E-prostitution and hacking has become the most common crime now a day. It has become very easy to access some ones id and hack the personal information and most importantly the pictures of the girls. Through this they publish these hacked photographs publically with the tag of prostitutes which is a serious offense morally and ethically as well. But it is good to know about it that government has started taking actions about it and designed a team in FIA in this regard, to have a check on people and to take actions on these complains. It is a very notable step by our government in this regard. May ALLAH help our people and government as well.

Who is a sufferer??

Despite of the high inflation rate in Pakistan the common things which we use to witness in our city of lights Karachi, is a long queue of people waiting outside of the restaurants. And these places are loaded with foodies and epicures. Now a day this has become a very fine and considerable business in the streets of Karachi. Every next street is a food street there. This can easily be estimated through the notable and upgrading chains of restaurants from all around the world. Now, here a question arises, who is suffering with this inflation rate? People who are standing outside of the restaurant in the queue or the people who are paying a huge amount of money in high class buffet restaurants. Is it a justice with rest of the people and with oneself? Aren’t we suppose to look after the needy people of our society who are deprived of many necessities, struggling for their food and provisions and most of them are still fail to do so. Therefore we are leading a very unjustified society.

Lets pray…

16 December, the day which has changed the history of Pakistan judiciary and decree. The day on which the final verdict has been disclosed about National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Now through NRO all the cases are going to be re-open by the Supreme Court and many of the so called noble but corrupt politicians, who are involved in so many cases of money laundering, murders, illegal allotments and many others, The Supreme Court is going to unveil the dark picture of our filthy politics and its men. Lets cross our fingers for its implementation and its outcome because nobody knows what is going to be next. Lets pray for the peace, serenity and prosperity of Pakistan.

Proud to be a BURGER….

In Karachi, every person is running a race towards modernization and this race leading people to be called as a BURGER. And this phenomenon had really made me curious. This curiosity came to an end when some years before I read an article at Dawn news PROUD TO BE A BURGER. In this article that writer disclosed very bleak truths about this class and unveiled them. It was a satire on their traditions and society. To attain this so called status and grace they have forgot their mother tongue, their ethnicity, their culture, traditions, civilization, conventions, rituals, ethics, moral codes and even their own religion. After ignoring and disregarding such stuffs they have reached their goal to be called as BUGER.

The tragedy of life is not death it is what we let die inside of us while we live

“Is death the sleep? No it is the final awakening.” This is what James Scott thinks and even I do so. The death of this mortal body could not be a tragedy but the death of the soul is a tragedy which cannot be overcome by any mean.

With the passage of time we deprive ourselves from purity which exists in us. In this race of filthiness and purity, when filthiness leaves behind our internal purity, ultimately leads to an end of our innocence and virtuousness.

For me, being a patriot the most violent and drastic tragedy is our unpatriotic behavior. If a person is not faithful to his homeland then he could not be faithful to anyone. This is the time to make ourselves unite or rather be ready to make our nation a supreme emblem of tragedy.

Bernard Shaw said,

You will never have a  quite world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race.

waiting for love, auntie agni.

AUNTIE AGNI, a famous personality of Dawn news, a love consultant. Day by day she is becoming more and more popular for her prescriptions to the lovers. But after reading the silly questions of our youth one might shock as our passionate youth is still asking for their love perspectives. They are leading the condition of to be or not to be, should I propose her or not, should I tell my parents, should I ask him or not. But one thing which I understand it is an attempt to make the people admirer of the newspaper and to increase the TRP of the paper. I mean when every single person is suffering with mental and physical depression, people are deprived of basic needs, than is there any space for such silly and inane columns.