Don’t we have a true right to obtain basic needs of life? A question which many of innocent eyes do ask everyday at traffic signals, outside of many restaurants and even of many dhabas . Shelter, food and clothes considered as the basic needs but in our so called modern and advanced society many of the people are still seeking to shape up their lives. Many of the authorities and people in power ask the people to remove starvation and all. But are they getting over the problem and the answer in no. still today many of the people are dying because of starvation and hunger. But ignoring all these drastic problems people still use to say that they are leading a modern society because they become sightless to see the troubles, faced by the deprived people of Pakistan. So here is a question arise that what should we call our society where people are still not acquiring the basic needs? A dumb society, a reckless society or a negligent society, Choice is yours what do u wants to call out your selves??

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