waiting for love, auntie agni.

AUNTIE AGNI, a famous personality of Dawn news, a love consultant. Day by day she is becoming more and more popular for her prescriptions to the lovers. But after reading the silly questions of our youth one might shock as our passionate youth is still asking for their love perspectives. They are leading the condition of to be or not to be, should I propose her or not, should I tell my parents, should I ask him or not. But one thing which I understand it is an attempt to make the people admirer of the newspaper and to increase the TRP of the paper. I mean when every single person is suffering with mental and physical depression, people are deprived of basic needs, than is there any space for such silly and inane columns.

7 responses to “waiting for love, auntie agni.

  1. i agree with ,although i am a regular reader of antee agni and my question was also published once.but the thing i am much interested in the questions rather than answers.because of the fact that a simliar or nearly similar situation is going around.either any of my collegue or friend or myself.so the posative side is one is assured that he/she is not the only soul facing the same situation..there are other fellows too:P

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