Facebook has become a hot topic among the youth. Despite of the discriminations of the age, every person is busy using facebook. But what make me to think about is now a day parents are so much unconscious about their children that they even don’t consider that what their children are doing on computer. And this unconscious attitude of parents in respect of their children is ruining their brain and life as well. They waste their valuable time using facebook and other social forums. And we are such fools that we consider our youth the bright future of our country and despite of the fact that our bright future is surfing their precious time in dark activities.


2 responses to “FACEBOOK..

  1. I think, it is not only with Facebook, not only children but also adults also mis use internet, majority of internet user only use it for fun,chat, hacking and other dangerous stuff. So..there should be awareness regarding net usage, people should apply net secruites regarding web sites, but most of parents dont know much about internet, so they just becom fool easily by younger generation.. May Allah help us..

  2. every thing is being misused by the people. but recently i have noticed sum issues regarding facebook. and this is what i also think that there should be a security check on websites as it is ruining our people.

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