Whom do you trust?

It made me really depressed when I read in the news paper about a 19 years old Anum, she died because of doctor’s negligence. The doctor of the hospital diagnosed her wrong injection which took away her life. Now whom do you trust when your life savers become your slaughterer. Now a day it has become really common thing for the people to become the mere lifeless beings for the doctors to play with their lives. Below is the link of the full story about the alleged girl murder.



2 responses to “Whom do you trust?

  1. They make this noble profession is a trade. they just want to earn money like business.not for service of humanity. It shows the sub standard of our medical colleges who gave degrees to these type of drs. Govt should make and implement a law against these type of drs and consider this type of negligence as criminal act, as 1st degree murder case. At least 1 of these type butchers should hang in public to make an example.

  2. well i’ll blame those local medical colleges who are just producing doctors without any dignity and nobility of this profession. There is a chain of such unidentified medical colleges producing doctors yearly.
    but it is really disgusting.

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