Don’t mess with the Nature..!!

This is nothing but a warning for the adventurous photographers that don’t ever try to mess up with the nature because you don’t know who is waiting for you there. I have brought some exclusive photos for all that people. Check them out..


Simply ITALY…!!!

I am sharing some of the remarkable scenes of Italy which will make you to think is it paradise or the earth. check them out…..

colors of Venice


Dining Alfresco,Venice,Italy

Angelo & Bridge,Rome,Italy's Castle Sant

The Grand Canal of Venice,Italy

Implication of Hijaab and Beard.

Today, I was browsing some Islamic lectures on youtube and I found a very informative Islamic sermon about beard and hijaab by Maulana Jan Ali Shah Kazmi. In our so called Islamic civilization the perception of hijaab and beard is not extensive and don’t consider to be laudable. This lecture is an eye opener for those who don’t deem the Islam and its values and taboo. Below is the link for the lecture.


Wo aik Roshni,

Wo aik Roshni,

Jo din ko siyaah kar gai.

Wo aik Roshni,

Jo khushyon ka suraj ghroob kar gai.

Wo aik Roshni,

Jo godain ujaar gai,

Suhaag chura le gai,

Yateemi ka taj saja gai.

Wo aik Roshni,

Jo ankhon ko kheera kar gai.

Ye hai wo Roshni,

Jo shoalon ki soorat har soo phel gai,

Aur jub phati,

To jism key tukray they,

Jin ki rooh kahin door chali gai,

ROSHNI ki talaash main!!