Deal with frustration.

what is frustration?

It is a feeling of disappointment and discomfort aroused in the mind of human beings only when something has went wrong with them or they are not able to achieve the goals that they had set for themselves. In every ten people seven are affected by it and out of them three are severely affected. It is a mental feeling that is growing like other dangerous diseases such as AIDS.

In today’s competitive scenario every person has his targets that he wanted to achieve timely and if he is not able to achieve his targets he is frustrated. This frustration can affect the mind in negative way in which person’s thinking power gets slowed down. Frustration led a person a take wrong decisions and as a result of which he is not able to come with innovative ideas. His creativity gets stopped down. He is not able to achieve all his targets and is left with only his uncompleted plans and unachieved targets. Such a frustrated person goes far away from reality.

What you can do to overcome frustration – Specific steps

The first thing to do when you start feeling frustrated is to take a deep breath, and relax. Do whatever you need to relieve the stress. Meditate if that helps, or watch a favorite TV show, or perhaps listen to some relaxing music. Whatever you do, make sure you step back from the situation causing your frustration. Once you have calmed down, take a look at the situation objectively, pull out the parts that you know are working. This way, you can see past the parts that are causing your frustration and take a really close look at the whole picture. This will also help you to see possible connections that can lead to resolving your frustration.

Keep a log, or a journal, or online blog and list the positive things in your life. List your accomplishments. Did you finish a hard project for school, or work? Did you finally get that wall painted or that part of the closet cleaned out? Write it down and check it after a month. It’s a lot easier to get rid of frustration when you can see all the positives instead of the negatives. It might also show you where you need to focus more in your life. Wasted energy is a surefire way to make yourself frustrated.

Once you see where you are wasting energy, focus on what you want to accomplish, the ultimate goal of whatever project or situation is causing the frustration for you. Step back to get a clear picture and then ask what you need to change to make sure that the same situation doesn’t arise again. Ask yourself what you can do to prevent that frustration.

It’s very easy with any project to get wrapped up in it. So much so that you can no longer see the project itself and sometimes even lose sight of the part of it you’re actually working on, and nothing is more frustrating than that. Get rid of the clutter, step back to the most simplified form. Be aware there are multiple solutions to any problem. Being more open to other ways of solving a problem is a good way to keep frustration from entering into the situation.

When you get ready to quit because you just can’t take it anymore, when the frustration is at its peak, take action and refuse to give up by pushing through and you’ll gain back control. Be positive. Nothing is harder to do when you’re frustrated, but without keeping in mind the positive outcome you’re looking for, frustration will just control the situation.

No matter what situation you’re in, follow these basic steps to get rid of your frustration and make sure frustration doesn’t come back.


What is the future of PCB..????

Today, a news stunned the channels that PCB has imposed the life time ban on M.Yousuf and Yonus Khan. The PCB also banned former captain Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved for one year, along with a fine of Rs two million each for breaking the team’s code of conduct during the tour to Australia. All-rounder Shahid Afridi has also been fined for involvement in ball tampering. In an unprecedented move, PCB fined Naved, Malik and Umar Akmal Rs 2 million each while imposed Rs 3 mln fine on Kamran Akmal and Afridi each. In a nut shell one can say PCB has moved out a big lot of senior players from the team. Justice or injustice what one can say but many of the former players hardly condemned by malicious decision of PCB. Below are the some links of this

God knows what is going to be the future of our cricket team and its players.

Lawn Marathon

As summer is about to rise up, with all its Sun shine, heat and stretched days. This season of hot and extreme climate is also a big reason to earn a hefty sum of revenue for many of the fields but among all lawn is one of the skies hitting business in this season because of the extreme humid climate of the country and this accord many of the branded lawns has launched their collections in PC, Marriot and many other high end hotels. And these various collections of lawn exhibits a wide array of colors, designs and prints. Sometime this really becomes a marathon to lead the race of lawn and fashion as per women psychology. Every single woman wants to lead this race and put all her effort to look different and unusual. So many of the brands has been launched and out in the market lets have a look on different brands and their collections.

Gul Ahmed Lawn

Gul Ahmed Lawn

Firdous Lawn endorsed by Kareena Kapoor

Firdous collection endorsed by Riya Sen

Firdous collection endorsed by Diya Mirza

Sana & Safinaz lawn collection

Al-karam collection

ZQ lawn collection

Where we are going…???

On 26th and 28th of February, I had a chance to participate in the first parliamentary debate competition in Karachi at ZUDC. Parliamentary debate is basically a U.K based format in which there is a team of three speakers, The Prime Minister, The Deputy Prime Minister and the Affirmative. As it was a fresh experience for me and many other people, we had a great experience as well as fun over there. This contest was based on two phases, in first phase there are four rounds in which every team has to participate. The motion of 1st round was “this house believes that foreign education should be banned in the schools of Pakistan”. The motion of 2nd round was “this house believes that international sporting promotes hostility”. The motion of 3rd round was “this house believes that zoos should be banned”. After that when we reached to the 4th and the final round this has really tremble our seats and ourselves as well, the motion of the last round was “this house believes that developing countries should invest in sex tourism”. The motion of last round really made me to think about our society and its habitants. It really made me to consider the youth of our country, where we are going? Is this a Muslim country? Are we Muslims? Are we supposed to speak such kind of stuff in an open air? What I come to the point is that it is a conspiracy against our youth and Muslims, it reflects their height of thinking and mind, and they want to spoil our youth and our new generation. It was really easy for them to announce such disgusting motions. And what I did after the announcement me and my team walked out from the room and refused to speak about any stuff like this. I really feel satisfied and proud after walking out from the room as our dignity; ethics and Muslim conventions didn’t allow us to discuss anything like this. But still I have a question in my mind where we are going?