Lawn Marathon

As summer is about to rise up, with all its Sun shine, heat and stretched days. This season of hot and extreme climate is also a big reason to earn a hefty sum of revenue for many of the fields but among all lawn is one of the skies hitting business in this season because of the extreme humid climate of the country and this accord many of the branded lawns has launched their collections in PC, Marriot and many other high end hotels. And these various collections of lawn exhibits a wide array of colors, designs and prints. Sometime this really becomes a marathon to lead the race of lawn and fashion as per women psychology. Every single woman wants to lead this race and put all her effort to look different and unusual. So many of the brands has been launched and out in the market lets have a look on different brands and their collections.

Gul Ahmed Lawn

Gul Ahmed Lawn

Firdous Lawn endorsed by Kareena Kapoor

Firdous collection endorsed by Riya Sen

Firdous collection endorsed by Diya Mirza

Sana & Safinaz lawn collection

Al-karam collection

ZQ lawn collection


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