The big story of the day.

The big story of the day, facebook has been officially banned in Pakistan. A big step has taken by the authorities; one can also call a positive omen. As it is basically a protest against publishing the caricature (naoozubillah) of our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (SAW). A very huge yet a very constructive step has taken by the Pakistani government against this filthy operation. This is going to definitely cause a big loss to the authorities behind it. It was a direct assault to the Muslims and their emotions and a conspiracy to shatter them but let us hark back that we are not a deceased nation we have esteem for our religion and for our beloved Prophet (SAW) as well. It is nothing but a clout on them.


2 responses to “The big story of the day.

  1. Salam un Alaik..I just want to ask they are thinkin to ban the FB in Pakistan or they already did that. because a few minutes later I checked my FB account. Yaara this is Pakistan.. etne pakke musalman yeh ho he na jaen.. what is the authentication of this news ?

  2. well. i read it in Express news and most of the channel has broadcast this news that LHC has banned fb since 31st of May. lets see for how much time they block it.

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