Please ALLAH help us………!!!

Today, when the news of Raza Haider’s assassination has broadcasted, I was roaming in the Hyderi market, suddenly everyone started running here and there hastily. The whole market has closed within the seconds; everyone was rushing towards his means of transportation and the picture predicts as the doomsday has pronounced. Everybody is roaring and running after his life as the circumstance in Karachi was really getting out of control. Even the public transport had vanished from the roads of Karachi. At that time I felt so sorry when I saw many of the women and men were waiting at the bus stop for public transport. I can’t express my feelings what I felt at that time, I was about to cry over the intense condition of my city I mean where the hell is government? Don’t they feel ashamed of their selves?

What are they doing being on their seats only making on through their authority? What else they have done for Pakistan. This is the rule of being a man of  authority keep on making money by hook or by crook it doesn’t matter what the others are doing either dying by starvation or by target killing or by any other blast and natural calamity?

A huge number of people are still stuck in traffic jam, the entire petrol pump has been shut down, all the street lights have been turned off but who cares about it. Beside all the violence and unrest I am feeling pity for Quaid-e-Azam why he made so many sacrifices for the nation, for the day when people are running after to save their own life no protection no shelter for her own people. What is going to be the future of Pakistan? It’s not about any shia any pathan its about a nation about the people of Pakistan above all the ethnicity, race, religion. When would be the time when we stand as a nation as Pakistani.

From the depth of my heart, I pray to ALLAH for the prosperity of Pakistan. ALLAH please save my country and my people please it is plead to Allah save our lives and save my country from all the tribulations and from the evil government. Please Allah; protect us. AMEEN


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  2. Muft Taqi Uthmaani rahmatullaah ‘alaih had suggested that Muslims living in Pakistan should recite Soorat Shams as much as possible, long before the current incidents.Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam had said:I do Istighfaar 100 times a day.He was free of sins.But we are not free of sins. We shoulld say Astaghfirullaah more.’Umar radi Allaahu ‘anhu said:Don’t fear the enemy,fear your sins.If all of us increase Istighfaar, He would necessarily help us. May Allaah unite us in Jannah with Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam and His As-haab radi Allaahu ‘anhum like Abubakr,Umar,’Uthmaan and ‘Ali radi Allaahu ‘anhum and all other.

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