Bachao kay jal raha hai mera Shehar..

Burning Karachi

People are running after for their life

vehicles set on fire

Man rides past by burning shop set alight by protesters in Karachi on August 2, 2010

Bus set on fire

Bus set on fire

When the streets of Karachi were burning

Man running to save his life

Roads are burning

The city of Karachi is mourning

The streets had black out


Please ALLAH help us………!!!

Today, when the news of Raza Haider’s assassination has broadcasted, I was roaming in the Hyderi market, suddenly everyone started running here and there hastily. The whole market has closed within the seconds; everyone was rushing towards his means of transportation and the picture predicts as the doomsday has pronounced. Everybody is roaring and running after his life as the circumstance in Karachi was really getting out of control. Even the public transport had vanished from the roads of Karachi. At that time I felt so sorry when I saw many of the women and men were waiting at the bus stop for public transport. I can’t express my feelings what I felt at that time, I was about to cry over the intense condition of my city I mean where the hell is government? Don’t they feel ashamed of their selves?

What are they doing being on their seats only making on through their authority? What else they have done for Pakistan. This is the rule of being a man of  authority keep on making money by hook or by crook it doesn’t matter what the others are doing either dying by starvation or by target killing or by any other blast and natural calamity?

A huge number of people are still stuck in traffic jam, the entire petrol pump has been shut down, all the street lights have been turned off but who cares about it. Beside all the violence and unrest I am feeling pity for Quaid-e-Azam why he made so many sacrifices for the nation, for the day when people are running after to save their own life no protection no shelter for her own people. What is going to be the future of Pakistan? It’s not about any shia any pathan its about a nation about the people of Pakistan above all the ethnicity, race, religion. When would be the time when we stand as a nation as Pakistani.

From the depth of my heart, I pray to ALLAH for the prosperity of Pakistan. ALLAH please save my country and my people please it is plead to Allah save our lives and save my country from all the tribulations and from the evil government. Please Allah; protect us. AMEEN

Spree of sadistic target-killing.

death toll rises to 22 in yesterday city riots

Again, the violence has enveloped the streets of Karachi; the politico-ethnic target killing claimed 22 lives. The riots have burst out in the various parts of the metropolis.

These incidents of target killing started late night Tuesday were continued Wednesday as 22 more people were gunned down in the city by unknown armed men. The target killing incidents occurred in Landhi, Korangi, North Nazimabad, Moosa Colony, Abul Hassan Isphahani Road, Model Colony, Orangi Town, Shah Faisal Colony, Saddar, Quaidabad and other areas. The incidents of target killings triggered related violence, which included the torching of buses, forceful closure of markets, the burning of roadside stalls as well as the targeting of police personnel. The entire city was in the grip of tension, with public transport disappearing from the roads by early evening, as reports of the violence began to spread.

The city is under great threat and bloodshed; such incidents are very much frequent in the streets of Karachi, as a couple of months before city was enduring the same scenario. And our so called government has become a silent spectator, feels their selves liberated after sharing some typical sentences of misery. What a government believes on sermons rather than actions.

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President Zardari signs women harassment bill

Another gag with the feminines. A bill has passed against the sexual harassment of women. Why do we forget that we are leading a men oriented society and a women couldn’t get sanctuary. Below is the link for full story.


Despite of the terrorism, assassinations, dacoits, thievery, snatchings, cyber crime has become a wide spread offense. Every second person is a victim of cyber crime especially female fraternity. Today, I was watching a morning show at ARY and I was shocked to know that day by day it is becoming a serious offense and spreading very rapidly throughout the country like a virus. E-prostitution and hacking has become the most common crime now a day. It has become very easy to access some ones id and hack the personal information and most importantly the pictures of the girls. Through this they publish these hacked photographs publically with the tag of prostitutes which is a serious offense morally and ethically as well. But it is good to know about it that government has started taking actions about it and designed a team in FIA in this regard, to have a check on people and to take actions on these complains. It is a very notable step by our government in this regard. May ALLAH help our people and government as well.

Lets pray…

16 December, the day which has changed the history of Pakistan judiciary and decree. The day on which the final verdict has been disclosed about National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Now through NRO all the cases are going to be re-open by the Supreme Court and many of the so called noble but corrupt politicians, who are involved in so many cases of money laundering, murders, illegal allotments and many others, The Supreme Court is going to unveil the dark picture of our filthy politics and its men. Lets cross our fingers for its implementation and its outcome because nobody knows what is going to be next. Lets pray for the peace, serenity and prosperity of Pakistan.