Rotten form the cores.

Today, I read news at Express Tribune, Dog and Donkey meat sold to hotels and vendors at Okara. I felt so reluctant that time, after doing such awful acts they dare to call theirselves Muslims, where we are leading? Is it a Muslim society we are leading? When everything is about making money, don’t they feel any guilt for that, earning illicit money; don’t they think about their own children, what are they giving them? Such a reprehensible work, this is nothing but their learning, absence of ground knowledge of Islam, they even don’t care about illegitimate and legitimates, the taboos and prohibitions of Islam. This is the thing in which the whole nation is lacking. If there is no consciousness of your religion then you are not alive, you are a mere departed soul.


The value of education.

Some days before, I went to Sindh Secretariat to submit my form for the public services at Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC). It was a very chaotic day for me as summer is blazing the earth and the common man is not allowed to park the car inside. So that’s why we were supposed to walk all the way from the main gate towards the public services office. After covering the long distance we reached at that person who was supposed to collect the forms. The person was sitting there seems to be an illiterate person even wasn’t able to speak Urdu properly. Anyways this was not my concern but the thing which made me to think about is the system of our country after collecting my form that asked me that do I want the old paper of the previous test for the lectureship in the return of hundred rupees and I was really shocked not shocked but felt really helpless at that time. This has become the place and reverence of education that they are just trading the education for some bucks. And that day I realized that why we are standing among the deteriorate countries still begging for USAID. When a country doesn’t have value for education then nobody, value that country and its people.