Is this our tradition?

If we talk about the conventions and customs, they expose off one nation’s fundamentals and ethics. Now if we look into the moral codes of Muslims, there is no space for any reprehensible and discreditable acts and Valentine’s Day is among one of them.

What is Valentine’s Day? A day to celebrate an illegitimate love, to mislead your own parents or a day to recline for the so called dates, which option will we choose for us? To celebrate this westernized mores and to be called as a modern civilization our own private channels has started programs a week ago and to grab the attention of public they have started doing draws for the dinners and Valentine’s Day special cakes. Where we are standing? Do we have any justification for that? While browsing, I got some images of the gift stores and greetings galleria, fully loaded with red hearts, gifts, chocolates and blah blah…

After watching these snaps, the question arises in my mind; does our inflation rate allow us to devastate money on these stuffs?

To persuade and mislead the youth, there are many restaurants around the city who especially arrange the candle light dinners for young couples to make their so called date.

When the people of a country is starving, deprived of basic needs, at that time our prideful masses wasting their time and money as well in such ridiculous acts.

And beside all the discussions, does our religion allow us for these kinds of illicit celebrations? Think about it, if you are a Muslim.



Last Sunday I have seen a telefilm at ARY digital, entitled ROMANCE AT RINCHORLANE. Among all the lead performance was by Hina Dilpazir, a very sophisticated but versatile actress, occupied with talent of humor and sober and serious as well. She could be regard as the jest of the whole play with her all-rounded performance. Beside her, there were also some big names of the drama industry like, Shahood Alvi, Qavi Khan and many others. The play depicts the chase of love, money and romance among the characters in a very hilarious way. The play was very much comical and amusing and was a kind of relief for the tensed and stressed mind. And Hina Dilpazir was the cream of the play.

waiting for love, auntie agni.

AUNTIE AGNI, a famous personality of Dawn news, a love consultant. Day by day she is becoming more and more popular for her prescriptions to the lovers. But after reading the silly questions of our youth one might shock as our passionate youth is still asking for their love perspectives. They are leading the condition of to be or not to be, should I propose her or not, should I tell my parents, should I ask him or not. But one thing which I understand it is an attempt to make the people admirer of the newspaper and to increase the TRP of the paper. I mean when every single person is suffering with mental and physical depression, people are deprived of basic needs, than is there any space for such silly and inane columns.