Remembering MIRZA GHALIB…..

The greatest Poet Considered in the Urdu language.



Mirza Ghalib, led to a revolution in Urdu poetry, a poet really occupied with Persian. He came out with different colors of poetry. As he use to say “KHTAY HAIN KAY GHALIB KA HAI ANDAZ-E-BAYAAN OR..”. Ghalid is one of the biggest name of Urdu Literature, came across with revolutionary ideas and made a unique position through his words.


Aur Main Hoon….

Ghum-e-dunya hai, Ghum-e-insan hai aur main hun,

Aas hai, hasrat hai aur main hun.

Kahin pe fiqr ka alam hai kahin hain mastiaan sharaab ki,

Beparwah halat-e-insan hai aur main hun.

Sir-e-bazaar bikta hai, yahan imaan logon ka,

Niralay khel hai insan key aur main hun.

Yahan Hawwa ki beti bhi khul-e-sir aam phirti hai,

Ajab ye gherat-e-mardaan hai aur main hun.

FARHEEN tu kon hai? kia chahti hai?

Bus ik sawal hai aur main hun.


I read this poem from a site and found it worth sharing as it is a beautiful poem. Must read it.

The Saviour of Islam

The leader of Islam

The hero of Islam


You saved Islam by giving your life

The courage and patience you had in your life

To sacrifice your self was easy in life


You gave your family but never complained

You had no water but never complained

Your family was tortured but never complained


Without resting day and night

Fought with Yazid to show us the right

From the darkness life you brought us the light


Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain….

Dedicated to all my friends…………………………………………..

Jab yaad ka aangan kholoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Main guzray dinon ko souchoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Ab janay kis nagri main,

Soye paray hain muddat se,

Main raat gaye tak jagoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atayn hain,

Kuch phoolon jesi baatein thein,

Kuch khusboo jasay lehjay the,

Main shehr-e-chaman main tehloon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Wo pal bhar ki narazgiaan

Or maan b jana pal bhar main,

Main khud se jab bhi roothoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain.