Though a human but not considered as.

The face which suffers the taunts of society

Eunuch an alienated gender of the society; portrait with the layers of make-up; enveloping the profound obscurity under the shimmer of shades, the subject of mock for common men, victim of ridiculous taunts and rags. A cast of people with no esteem and reverence, leading their lives with the very low margins of society, earn their living with begging, dancing and most frequently with prostitution as the easiest way to earn a life. They use to roam on the signals with the “taali” gestures and with the high nod of “haye baji”, “kuch de do”.

I feel so depress when I look upon them, they are humans they must have civil liberties to lead a happy life as a common men does. But in Pakistan there is nothing for them, cannot live a prosper life n with all this stuff the derogatory and offensive attitude of our people and cops. We feel it as our official right to taunt them specially the young boys of the society. This little community is suffering prejudice for many years, having no laws for their security and shelter. Our so called NGO’s scream for their rights but in actually their screams is a hype for their associations not for any comfort and relieve.

Another dilemma for them

Many of the Tv shows talk about such tabooed issues but the outcome is null. They have words in their pockets to console them and show sympathy towards the third sex but have nothing in their hands to act upon and on the whole our government is a hushed observer, have nothing in their stores for this pitiable group of people.

We should not treat them in such a scorning manner they are human beings, a creature of Almighty, is it their fault they born like this? Are they responsible for the structure they have been endowed by the ALLAH? They have equal rights to live the life of a common person though they have some peculiarities but still they are humans and deserve the same attitude which the general people worth.


Despite of the terrorism, assassinations, dacoits, thievery, snatchings, cyber crime has become a wide spread offense. Every second person is a victim of cyber crime especially female fraternity. Today, I was watching a morning show at ARY and I was shocked to know that day by day it is becoming a serious offense and spreading very rapidly throughout the country like a virus. E-prostitution and hacking has become the most common crime now a day. It has become very easy to access some ones id and hack the personal information and most importantly the pictures of the girls. Through this they publish these hacked photographs publically with the tag of prostitutes which is a serious offense morally and ethically as well. But it is good to know about it that government has started taking actions about it and designed a team in FIA in this regard, to have a check on people and to take actions on these complains. It is a very notable step by our government in this regard. May ALLAH help our people and government as well.