Today, the Chehlum of IMAM HUSSIAN (A.S) and every single person is praying for the security and protection. In my opinion this is a conspiracy behind it; adversaries want Azadari to bring to an end but they could not get victory in their objective because Azadari cannot be bring to a halt by such terrorism and bombings despite of the fact it urges more and makes the people to come out from the houses to pay condolence to our IMAM (A.S) and to prove the genuine and true grief of AHL-E-BAIT (A.S). Today every person will come out of his house and will pronounce the slogan of LABAIK YA HUSSAIN (A.S) to provide them evidence that we are not dead populace and you cannot make us scared with this intimidation and suicide attacks, we are the supporters and believers of IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S), martyrdom is our inheritance and we can depart this life for our IMAM (A.S).

Inside KaRacHiiI…

Karachi, the heart of Pakistan, the center of the trade, the place of lively people, city of lights and luminosity, the mother earth accepts the people of every race, religion, creed and color. A city glows at night and welcome the people of every province very openhanded and warmly. The city magnetizes the mind of every person, occupied with colors and beauty.

Apart of that this city has faced many critical conditions, terrorism, inflation, street crimes, electricity crisis, sewerage difficulties, traffic catastrophe and many other misfortunes but Karachi is Karachi, the city of conscious populace. I have visited Lahore, Islamabad but not even a single city is compatible with Karachi. I love Karachi as KARACHI ROXXXX………!!!