Remembering MIRZA GHALIB…..

The greatest Poet Considered in the Urdu language.



Mirza Ghalib, led to a revolution in Urdu poetry, a poet really occupied with Persian. He came out with different colors of poetry. As he use to say “KHTAY HAIN KAY GHALIB KA HAI ANDAZ-E-BAYAAN OR..”. Ghalid is one of the biggest name of Urdu Literature, came across with revolutionary ideas and made a unique position through his words.

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain….

Dedicated to all my friends…………………………………………..

Jab yaad ka aangan kholoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Main guzray dinon ko souchoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Ab janay kis nagri main,

Soye paray hain muddat se,

Main raat gaye tak jagoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atayn hain,

Kuch phoolon jesi baatein thein,

Kuch khusboo jasay lehjay the,

Main shehr-e-chaman main tehloon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Wo pal bhar ki narazgiaan

Or maan b jana pal bhar main,

Main khud se jab bhi roothoon to,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain,

Kuch dost bohat yaad atay hain.


Peer-e-kamil (SAW), an incredible novel by Umera Ahmed, invites to consider and to think about the reality of life, what the true light of humanity is and being a human being. Umaira herself told about her novel that the novel is about that phase of life when you have to choose about the dimension of your life whether you choose the darker or the brighter face of life.

The novel depicts the journey of Salar Sikander along with many other characters around him. Imaima Hashim the other main character of the novel and also a person which helped him throughout his life. Umaira tackled with the story very bravely and portrayed the personality of Salar from his childhood to the mature age and how his surroundings transformed him.

In the beginning of the novel Salar is portrayed as a crazy guy, with a flood of excitements and several ideas to lead an answer what is ecstasy? For the sake of a series of answers he attempted the suicide thrice. Everything seems to an adventure for him, a person of +150 IQ, helped Imaima to fulfill his thrust of adventure and at that Imaima made him crazy, towards the end he was the person begging for Imaima in the Haram as she was the most hateful person for him in the beginning. He prays that,

Yeh main nahin tha jis ne us aurat ko apnay dil main jagah di ,
yeh tu ne kiya ..
kiyoon meray dil main us aurat k liye itni mohabbat daal dee k main teray saamnay khara bhee us ko yaad kar raha hoon ? ? ?
kiyon mujhy is qadar bebas kar dia k mujhy apnay wajood per bhee koi ikhtiyar nahin raha ?
main who basher hu jissay tu ne in tamam kamzorion k saath banaya ..
main who basher hoon jissay teray siwa raasta dikhnay wala koi nahin …
woh oorat meri zindage k har rastay per kharee hai ..
mujhy kaheen janay nahin daitee kaheen pohanchnay nahin day rahi ……
ya to is ki mohabbat ko is terha meray dil se nikal de k mujhy kabhee is ka khayyal tak na aye ya phir issay mujhy de de who nahin milay gee to main sari zindagee usi k liye rota rahoon ga who mil jaaye gee to main teray siwa kissi k lie aansoo nahin baha sakoon ga …
meray aanson ko khalis honay day….!!

Above passage is one of the strong passages from the novel having a depth in it. This novel is one of the masterpiece of Umaira which forces to realize the truth of life. And it is one of my favourite as well.

Life is to live according to what deem you right, not what the system deem it right. God has given us the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. And when we are given the option, we have to choose wisely, we won’t be given chances too many times.