Where we are going…???

On 26th and 28th of February, I had a chance to participate in the first parliamentary debate competition in Karachi at ZUDC. Parliamentary debate is basically a U.K based format in which there is a team of three speakers, The Prime Minister, The Deputy Prime Minister and the Affirmative. As it was a fresh experience for me and many other people, we had a great experience as well as fun over there. This contest was based on two phases, in first phase there are four rounds in which every team has to participate. The motion of 1st round was “this house believes that foreign education should be banned in the schools of Pakistan”. The motion of 2nd round was “this house believes that international sporting promotes hostility”. The motion of 3rd round was “this house believes that zoos should be banned”. After that when we reached to the 4th and the final round this has really tremble our seats and ourselves as well, the motion of the last round was “this house believes that developing countries should invest in sex tourism”. The motion of last round really made me to think about our society and its habitants. It really made me to consider the youth of our country, where we are going? Is this a Muslim country? Are we Muslims? Are we supposed to speak such kind of stuff in an open air? What I come to the point is that it is a conspiracy against our youth and Muslims, it reflects their height of thinking and mind, and they want to spoil our youth and our new generation. It was really easy for them to announce such disgusting motions. And what I did after the announcement me and my team walked out from the room and refused to speak about any stuff like this. I really feel satisfied and proud after walking out from the room as our dignity; ethics and Muslim conventions didn’t allow us to discuss anything like this. But still I have a question in my mind where we are going?